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Canada Income Tax

Income taxes in Canada comprise the bulk of the annual revenues of the Government of Canada, as well as the administrations of the Provinces of Canada. Tax collection arrangements facilitate diverse administrations to impose taxes through a sole supervision and collection bureau. The federal government accumulates personal income taxes on behalf of the entire provinces as well as territories except for Quebec. It also collects corporate income taxes on behalf of the entire provinces and territories excluding Quebec, Alberta, and Ontario. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) administers Canada's federal income tax system. However, Quebec's income tax system is managed by Revenu Québec, that was previously known as Ministère du Revenu du Québec.

Both personal and corporate Canadian federal income taxes are imposed under the specifications of the Income Tax Act. It is to be noted that provincial as well as territorial income taxes are charged under a range of provincial acts.

The Canadian income tax structure is more of a self-assessment establishment, wherein the taxpayers evaluate their tax charge by filing a return with the CRA by the mandatory filing time limit. CRA would then review the return established on the return filed and on the data obtained from employers as well as financial corporations, amending it for noticeable inaccuracies. An appeal for an assessment can be made by a taxpayer who disagrees with CRA's assessment of a particular return.

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