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Canadian Tax Checklist 2017

So, before you get started on your taxes, make sure you have all thereceipts and income, records you need.


Here’s a handy checklist:


  • T4 slips (Employment income)
  • Employment insurance benefits (T4E)
  • Interest, dividends, mutual funds (T3, T5, T5008)
  • Tuition / education receipts (T2202A)
  • Universal Child Care Benefit (RC62)
  • Old Age Security and CPP benefits (T4A-OAS, T4AP)
  • Other pensions and annuities (T4A)
  • Social assistance payments (T5007)
  • Workers’ compensation benefits (T5007)
  • All other information slips


  • RRSP contribution receipts
  • Support for a child, spouse or common-law partner
  • Professional or union dues
  • Tool expenses ( Tradespersons &apprentice mechanics)
  • Medical expenses
  • Transit pass receipts
  • Charitable donations
  • Political contributions
  • Adoption expenses
  • Carrying charges and interest expenses
  • Child care expenses
  • Children’s arts and sports programs
  • Exams for professional certification
  • Interest paid on student loans
  • Moving expenses
  • Office - in-home expenses


Other documentation

  • Notice of Assessment/Reassessment
  • Canada Revenue Agency correspondence
  • Sale or deemed sale of stocks, bonds or real estate
  • Northern resident’s deductions receipts
  • Rental income and expense receipts
  • Business, farm or fishing income/expenses
  • Automobile / Travel logbook and expenses
  • Disability Tax Credit Certificate
  • Declaration of Conditions of Employment (T2200)
  • Volunteer Firefighters certification
  • Search and Rescue volunteer’s certification
  • Custody Arrangement documentation


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